IED Program

Improvised Explosive Device and Explosive Detection Canine response are available 24 hour a day/seven days a week. There are currently seven FBI accredited bomb squads and seven certified explosive detection canine teams (handler and canine) in the State of Wyoming. Each of the seven bomb squads is assigned to a Regional Emergency Response Team. The Explosive Detection Canine Teams are deployed based upon a need and availability throughout the state.

K9 Haggard

Explosive Detection K9 Teams

The canines are primarily utilized when there is no inclination of where an explosive device is located. The canines are also trained to sniff out explosive devices in vehicles and schools.

Each canine has a "sniffer vocabulary" consisting of 12 different odors.

The canines may be deployed anywhere in the state, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via request. Requests can be made by calling (307) 777-4900 or by calling Highway Patrol Dispatch and asking for the WOHS duty officer.

Remotec F6-A RobotRemotec F6-A Robot

The robot, sometimes called "Miss Daisy" can be remotely controlled from up to 1,500 away via fiber optic cable or radio control. The articulating arm is capable of remotely picking up hazardous devices as well as rendering them safe-in-place with two arm-mounted disruptors and a shotgun.

The robot can also be used in criminal investigations where officer safety is an issue.